What enables D&D Machinery to meet customer’s needs is its equipment. For years, D&D Machinery has been ahead of industry trends with its expanding list of equipment.  As a result, D&D Machinery is able to meet customer expectations and keep costs low by purchasing the best, most efficient equipment on the market.  D&D Machinery has the necessary equipment readily available at our facility eliminating the need of scheduling equipment through rental companies.

Current Sample of Equipment Ready for Work:

  • 110 Ton Mobile Lift
  • 65 Ton Tri Lifter
  • Versa Lifts 40/60 and 25/35equipment
  • Fork Lifts from 3000 capacities to 65-ton capacity
  • Tractor/trailer lowboy combinations for the heavy loads
  • 550 Ton Hydraulic Gantry System (Track Rails and Beams Etc.)
  • Die cart self leveling 120,000 lb capacity
  • Mini Gantry for the one tractor load and go projects
  • Single, dual and tri-axle flat bed and rigging box trucks
  • Rigging Trailers and Sea Container Boxes Geared up and ready for quick set up
  • Hilman Track-sporter with 200,000 lb. capacity makes internal moves a snap with limited room to operate.
  • Precision Leveling and Alignment kits
  • Precision optical jig transit squares and level
  • Laser level
  • Hydraulic jack systems
  • Industrial Broderson and Grove Cranes
  • Man-lifts and more

You can rest easy knowing that D&D Machinery will handle your project, and put your world in motion with quality customer service and exceptional equipment every time. Guaranteed.