"At D & D, we offer customers a wide range of professional and engineering services—to help put their world in motion."


Equipment relocation, installation, modification and repair. Day-to-day plant and equipment maintenance. Total project management.

The tasks often seem daunting, and experts are needed to get the job done.

D & D Machinery Movers and Millwrights, Inc., headquartered in Lexington, Ky., knows just how to manage these tasks and more. For nearly 30 years, the experts at D & D Machinery have helped customers across the country–and internationally–put their world in motion.

As a full-service specialty machinery business, D & D Machinery has led the industry with a variety of projects. From rigging to millwright work to steel fabrication, D & D Machinery has the staff and experience to get the job done.

Here’s just a sampling of services provided by D & D Machinery:

  • Rigging

  • Crane service and rental

  • Machinery moving

  • Millwright work

  • Conveyer installation

  • Crane and monorail installation

  • Steel erection

  • Steel fabrication and more

With unlimited employment capacity, D & D Machinery also is available to serve as your in-house maintenance and general contracting staff for turnkey operations.

All D & D Machinery employees are skilled craftsmen of the millwright, iron workers and operating engineer trades and have successfully completed all required certifications and apprentice programs. Above all, D & D Machinery is a family-owned and -operated business dedicated to customer service.

D & D Machinery is committed to providing the professional engineering services to help meet your needs–large and small–and to get your business moving.

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